Laboratories / Departments:

The College has its own laboratories of modern fashion.


1. Anatomy:-

It is taught to enable the students to know human structure to locate disease.


2. Physiology:-

The teaching of physiology involves the function of different systems just to help the students to apply this knowledge as a parameter, Bio-chemistry is taught to know the chemistry of the human being changing during the period of sickness.


3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is taught with a view to make the students realise the importance of collection, preparation, preservation and dispensing of medicines as per direction (of physicians).


4. Materia Medica

Materia Medica is taught as a different type of Materia Medica compared to other Materia Medicas. The qualitative value of Materia Medica is the value of Homoeopathic Study. If Homoeopathy be compared to that of a man the position of Materia Medica is of body, of pharmacy the limbs and organism the operator of the entire system and the man as a whole.


5. Organon of Medicine

Organon is the Bible of Homoeopathy. No knowledge theoretical or practical without the knowledge of Organon is complete.


6. Pathology

Pathology is abnormal Physiology. It is taught to make the students to understand the Pathogenetic properties of medicines and diagnosis of disease or Pathognomonic properties of disease.


7. Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

It is taught to practice medicines in the eye of law.


8. Community Medicine or Preventive & Social medicine

Community is the store house of diseases. An individual cannot be healthy or return to normalcy in case of sickness without considering the value of Community Medicine.


9. Practice Of Medicine

Practice of medicine is taught on the basis of the knowledge acquired during pre-medical, para medical study. It is a clinical subject taught to know aetiology, signs & symptoms, pathology, diagnosis differential diagnosis, treatment and management.


10. Surgery

Surgery is taught to know surgical diseases and to minimize the scope of surgery by the application of Homoeopathic Medicine. Homoeopathy begins where surgery ends.


Gynaecology And Obstetrics

It is taught to know female diseases and safe delivery of the Foetus for the healthy generation.


12. Repertory

Repertory finds different among similars where as analogy finds similar among different which is the basis of any scientific study.


All laboratory/Departments are well equipped with laboratory instruments, models and other teaching aid materials Department are spacious room with good sitting arrangements both for students and teaching faculty.