Discipline And Duties

1.Students are expected to behave with dignity and decorum and in conformity with the discipline of the institution.

2.Students are required to dress decently and present themselves neat and avoiding exaggerated fashions.

3.Ragging is strictly prohibited. Students shall not indulge either individually or collectively in any from of activity that will bring down the good name of the institute Medical profession

4.Any breach of discipline shall be suitably dealt lapses of discipline and character shall render the student’s name liable to be struck off the roll of the college. If in the opinion of the Director, a student is not likely to benefit by his continuing in the college he is considered to be detrimental to the best interest of the college, No fees paid by the student will be refunded. The management’s decision in this regard shall be final.

5.No-society, union or Association of the students shall be formed in the college and no outsider, invited to address a meeting without the principal’s specific permission.

6.It is imperative for B.H.M.S. Students to take active part in Medical camps organized during holidays. Also in Research projects/community health/college magazine and Annual Homoeopathic conference etc.

7.The students may be called any time during the day night to attend Classes, if the situation so permits.

8. For all legal matters/disputes arising out of provisions of this prospectus the court of Jurisdiction will be that of Darbhanga only.

9.The management reserves the rights to making any addition or omission or alteration in the above rules and regulation including fee structure with our prior notice.